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Help, Ayuda, Aiuto, Aide ..

Any help you can give to help Totus2us going & growing would be hugely appreciated, eg ..
- 'share' this page with your friends
- give a response to one of Totus2us's podcasts
- ask your parish priest to include info about Totus2us in the parish newsletter
- write a review for 1 of the podcasts on itunes
- and, most importantly, keep Totus2us in your prayers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To get in touch with the Totus2us team, please send us an email.

Our Lady's birthday, 8th September 2015

Totus2us is now 6 years old and rather amazingly is still ticking along, with over 2.8 million downloads.

If you could but hear it, there is now a great hymn of gratitude being sung to all those who've helped in whatever way during these 6 years -  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The big change for me in this last year has been that I've had a regular job, which has brought many blessings but has also meant I haven't been able to give nearly so much time to Totus2us (hence the big back-log of somethings about Mary waiting to be done by me!).

If you have any suggestions that Totus2us should / could be doing especially with the wondrous Jubilee Year of Mercy starting on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 8th December, please do get in touch. Also, if you've listened to a podcast & thought you might like to/be prepared to say something, please let me know. It's always a joy to receive recordings!

Giving thanks for all that has come along & about in God's Providence during these 6 years and praying that Totus2us will always belong totally to Our Lady,