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INDIA - भारत

Blessed Pope Paul VI was a pilgrim to India in 1964. Saint John Paul II followed in his foosteps, visiting the sub-continent twice: in 1986 and in 1999.

Here below are responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Indians
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St John Paul II's Act of Entrustment of India to Mary
Park of Shivaji, Bombay, Sunday 9 February 1986 - in English, Italian & Spanish

"O Mary of Nazareth, Mother of God, Mother of the Church,
We turn to you in prayer, with confidence and hope; we offer to you the deepest thoughts of our hearts.

We come to you, Holy Mother of God, mindful of your Son’s last words to you as you stood at the foot of the Cross: "Woman, behold, your son!"

Woman, behold your son! Mary, behold your sons and daughters! Dearest Mother, behold your children here on earth, behold your sons and daughters here in India!

In imitation of Jesus who entrusted the beloved disciple John to your care, I entrust to you all the people dwelling in this great land. Be near them with your motherly protection. Open your arms to embrace all those who look to you and ask you to present their prayers to God.

O Mary, Virgin Most Pure, I entrust to your love and care all the youth of India, the children whose innocence expresses the goodness of their Creator and whose littleness reveals the greatness of their Maker. We pray for the young people who are searching for the truth and for direction and purpose in their lives. We ask you to guide the young men who are studying in the seminaries, and all those who are preparing to consecrate their lives to God through the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience.

Loving Mother of our Saviour, I entrust to you all families, especially husbands and wives seeking to model their home on your home in Nazareth. Intercede for parents and their children, that their love may be strong and faithful like the love that fills your own Immaculate Heart.

Mary Most Holy, we entrust to you the family which is the Church in India, with its clergy and religious, its different rites and liturgical traditions, its two millennia of experience and its ever vigorous youth. As part of the Body of Christ on earth, the Church in India seeks to imitate your divine Son and to be for the people of this land his voice, his hands, his feet, his body given in sacrifice. I place before you her great work of spiritual renewal, her efforts to proclaim the Gospel of merciful love, her ecumenical initiatives, her desire to be a reconciling force within society. Pray for your sons and daughters of the Church, that they may be always faithful, always filled with joy and hope, always a people of charity proclaiming the Good News to the poor. In the love of your Son embrace all those who suffer: the old and the feeble, the sick and the lonely, all those who are discouraged and destitute.

Mary, Queen of Peace, your children long for peace. They hunger and thirst for justice. They desire to live in harmony despite all the violence and divisions which exist in the world. Your Son prayed to the Father "that they may all be one", and today we make his prayer our own. We count on your intercession before God’s throne of grace. Obtain for us the favour to live in perfect union with Jesus and with our brothers and sisters. And may all that we say and do give ever greater glory and praise to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen."

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta described herself: “By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus.

3 2us on Blessed Teresa by Mgr Leo Maasburg      
"John Paul II said ‘In Mother Teresa we meet one of the most important personalities in history’ .. Hers is the sanctity which shows the whole mystery of the redemption, sin and redemption. And I believe that we can pray to and venerate Mother Teresa precisely for this, to help us to collaborate in the redemption of the world."

Sister Alena      

"The hospital name is Nirmala hospital, which means Mary Immaculate, Immaculate Mother. Nirmala in the Indian language means Immaculate. I have been working in that hospital for the last 25 years. She is for us the protector of the hospital, she's a patron of our hospital.  .. We have seen the powerful and protecting hand of our mother throughout all these years, through out all the difficulties we have faced and her miracles every day happening in the life of the people .. We have seen her protecting all the poor people, suffering people who come there and we have experienced her protection and miracles happening every day in our lives, so she's our mother, our model, our guide, our inspiration, to take care of the poor people, the sick people."

Sister Alena, a doctor, is a Sister of St Charles Borromeo.


"To me Our Lady is my first mother. All my life I have been praying to her and she has always helped me in all my needs .. A special prayer I have is to call up Our Lady, Help of Christians .. I say to my children, my family, without her I would be nothing. So to me she is more than anything else in this world."

Father Anish MHM      

"In my childhood I was an altar boy and I helped with the Eucharist. Seeing the life of the priest, especially my parish priest, the way he speaks, the way he was dealing with people, his way of life itself, was an inspiration to me. So when I was a child I decided, I had that desire in me, that I would like to become a priest."


"I’m here to praise the Blessed Mother for all the gifts, plenty, plenty gifts that she has showered on me and on everybody that call upon her. I pray that she touch every one of us. She is a real Mum that we don't appreciate in this world."


"As a young adult, I joined a Catholic youth group and began to develop a friendship with Jesus. But because I did not have a good relationship with my mother, I never took to Mary naturally. So in my life as a Catholic, it was Jesus who led me to Mary! .. As my relationship with Mary grew, I started reading more Catholic material on her and the more I read, the more I fell in love with her. I found listening to what Mary had to say was as important as gazing at her – so I have a big collection of Marian icons in my computer – especially from the Byzantine school. As a young man exposed to all the temptations of an over-sexualised world, I found such healing in gazing at Mary’s beautiful and tender face. The more the beauty and worth of women was distorted, the more I had to look at Mary’s icon. I feel most of what she obtained for me as a young person is simply through this silent gazing."

This picture of Mary in a Saree is Our Lady of Velankanni, from the largest Catholic pilgrim shrine in India - that way for centuries now. It is the site where Mary appeared to a Hindu boy (and more later) in the 16 century - read the fascinating story here.

For the Totus2us podcast Papa Bene, We Love You       
Anthony highlights the universality of the Church- what it is to be Catholic - and the gift of the Papacy, because the Papacy was instituted by Christ himself. He started admiring the Cardinal Ratzinger's humility when he read about him just before the Papal Election in 2005 and in Benedict XVI has discovered a great teacher.

BXVI quote: "God takes nothing away from those who give themselves to him. On the contrary, he gives them everything. He comes to draw out the best that is in each one of us, so that our lives can truly flourish." 

If you would like to download (free) copies of the Pope posters or see the Catholic T-shirts Anthony has designed, visit Anthony's blog.

Sister Bivya      

"In my life every time Our Lady’s presence is with me and every day I pray to Our Lady because my congregation is Our Lady's congregation."


"Mary means for me a loving mother.  She suffered for her Son.  She gave all her life loving for her Son."


"I’d thank you, Our Lady, you’re a dear mother. We trust you, we respect you, for all you do for each one of us. You guide us, Our Lady, and lead us to Our Lord. We put all our trust and faith in you. You're our dearest mother, our guide, our inspiration, our hope, so that we can ultimately get to know Our Lord Jesus Christ through your intercession."


"I love Mother Mary so much and she has given me a lot of gifts and a lot of kindness; whatever I've asked her, she has given me. She has really given me many things in my life."

Carmeline gives her something about Mary in English & Konkani.


"Our Lady is my mother, because I never had a mum (she died when I was 3 months old), and I tell everyone pray to her, pray. Normally in the world your mother is the top because she gave birth, but Mary is the Mother of God. I do trust her so much. I tell everyone, I even tell the Muslims and Hindus, 'Pray to Our Lady, if you need it desperately and it's good for you, she will do it for you.' Simple as that."


"When I am feeling very low and despair, so I pray, I pray the rosary, I pray through Mother Mary and I say Hail, Holy Queen. It helps me a lot and it lifts me up and it cools me down and gives me strength, and it gives me hope, a big hope that Mother Mary is helping me and she is there, so I have nothing to fear for anything."

Christine Immaculate      

"Mary is our mother and I believe that she is our mother because of the will of God. It's not just out of some human emotion. At the foot of the Cross Jesus gave her, and the intensity of the suffering and all that love he gave us, Mother Mary as our mother. So for me, that's very important, it's the will of God that Mary is our Mother. And she continues to protect us, she's obedient to God herself, to doing the duty as a mother for all of us. And I believe that, like her son, she is close to all our joys and sorrows."


"I have great faith in Mother Mary. She is everything to me."


"Mary is our loving mother. We always say 'Hail Mary, full of grace'. She always loves us and blesses us. Whatever we ask to Mother Mary, she never lets us down, she's always giving us, giving a blessing. Whatever we need, we always go to Mother Mary. She's our world Mother for everyone, not for me only, for everybody in the world. She's a blessed lady, how she loves her Son Jesus, she loves us."

Eileen gives her something about Mary in English & Tamil.


"Mother Mary is always helping me, any time of the day or during the night. Whenever I call on her she is always beside me. She helps me in all my trouble. Whenever I call on her name she is always there to listen to me and help me. So that is why I am very grateful to her and Ialways will be."

Fatima gives her something about Mary in Hindi; her friend, Felcy, translates into English.


"I know that Mother Mary is helping me a lot. Thank you, Mother Mary."


"Mary is my mother and she’s without sin and wherever I go, she walks with me."


"For me, Mary is an inspiration for life. She is whom I turn to in times of trouble, in times of sorrow, also in times of happiness. Shh is the one who guides me in my life in its tribulations and in all its wonders, and I thank Mother Mary every day of my life."


"My belief in Mother Mary starts right from childhood. I was always taught to pray to her from my mother and from my family. .. I believe that she works on us and she keeps us true in faith to our Christian community."


"Our Lady gave me a lot of love when I was at the age of 16 and she changed my life totally, because I always recite the rosary every single day (I was taught by my mum). I believe that she's my mother and she's the most precious gift that Jesus has given me in my life."


"I come to Mother Mary for support and comfort during all the challenges of life."


"I've gained solace through Mary who has given me a lot of comfort and a lot of faith."

Father Joseph      

"Mother Mary has a very, very important role in our life. Mother Mary is the mother of the Eucharist, and Mother Mary is always led by the Holy Spirit, and Mother Mary is our loving and living mother. And this living Mother will lead us to Jesus, and Mother Mary shows us how we can proclaim the Kingdom of God in a very, very graceful way. All the difficulties and sufferings in her life, she went forward and totally trusted in the Lord."

Father Joseph is a priest of the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament.


"For me Our Lady makes me feel comfort and a sense of peace."


"We are very devoted to Our Lady, especially the Catholics of Bombay."


"As to what we've learnt about Mother Mary, she is a woman who was conceived without any sin, she's someone who has been blessed by God with a really special gift."


"I trust in Our Lady and she has always protected me and my family."


"Our Lady is like a mother to me, more than a mother to me. She was with me in all my happiness and sufferings; I can share everything with her. Every time I have cried in front of her, she had an answer for me."

Sister Marlene      

"For me, Our Lady is a good person for me, like a mother. I can say to her to intercede to her beloved son in a special way. .. If I ask something, help from Our Lady, she is the one person to guide my life to her beloved son. She is a very good person. I can have confidence in her."

Sister Marlene, after giving her something about Mary in English, sings Ave Maria in Malayalam.

Mercy Grace       

"Our Lady is like a mother .. I love her very much."


"I think Mary is my mother."


"The thing that comes to mind about Mary is that she’s pure, she’s forgiving, she guides me, and when the priest said about Mary suffering with pain, I just had tears in my eyes because I think it reflects what mothers go through."


"Personally I experience Mary's protection during the ordinary events of my life and I long to pray the rosary, alone or with my fellow brothers and sisters, in order to reach heaven."


"I love Our Lady very much. She is my queen and my mother."


"Mary has always been the mother who had a very informal, very unnoticed, simple role in her life but that role made her the most important influence in the life of Jesus. I see her as someone whom we can approach, who's simple, who's there to support and guide without being like a teacher or being someone forceful, someone whom we can always approach when we really need her."


"Through Mary it is a great step to go near to Jesus because she is next to Jesus, she is always near to Jesus, and she can help us to be with Jesus."

Sister Prisena      

"Throughout our life we experience our Mother’s help and our Patron, Saint Charles Borromeo, who is there close to us, helping us in our daily life."


"Mother Mary, you are always helping us. Please help, Mother Mary. I give you thanks, I give you praise. I thank you, praise you all the time, all the day. Thank you, Mother Mary."


"Mother Mary is a mother to me. She is a messenger who delivers all our prayers to Jesus. She is a rock when people are in difficulty. She helps through the rosary and delivers all our prayers to Jesus."


"For me, Mary is like a mother to whom I can run to at any time and tell her all that I need to and I know that I have an answer for every complaint that I make to her."


"From childhood, I’ve always believed in Mother Mary. I was taught about Mother Mary being the mother of Jesus, so how she could bring us closer to Jesus and help us in our day to day lives, guide us."


"Our Lady has been my inspiration. She’s been there whenever I’ve been in trouble and recently when I lost my mum and my brother, she's been there. She's guided me and helped along, and given me the strength to do what I'm doing right now, like my cake decorating."


"I see Mary as my mother, just the way I see a mother."


"I think Mary is really inspirational to me because she was chosen by God to receive Jesus, which in itself is really, really good. And Mary to me is a really kind person and she is my hero and she leads the way, and when I need help I pray to her, and she is a really good person."


"I like Mother Mary. We do pray to her every day and we do the rosary."


"I pray to Mother Mary and Mother Mary hears my prayers, and I love her very much."

Shweta gives her something about Mary in English & Konkani.


"Our Lady is my constant friend, all my life."


"Mary is my mother and my dearest friend and my chief confidante. And Mother Mary has helped me, especially when coming here to Our Lady of Willesden."


"From my childhood, my parents taught me to recite the rosary. It’s a special protection for us every time, we feel it when we recite the rosary. Every time when we walk, like our breath, with our breath; our parents taught us with our breath to recite at least the name of Jesus, Mary or Joseph."

Thomas is currently studying in Rome (where this was recorded ... the background swush is the sound of St Peter's being cleaned :o)

Father Wilfred OCD       

"There among the poor I was strengthened in my vocation. Somehow they provided me with a vision for my life. I knew as a priest I was called to love and to serve after the example of Christ. In 1997 I was ordained a priest in India and thereafter was sent to Tanzania as a missionary. Since then I have been a part of our mission in Tanzania, making of my life, to use the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, something beautiful for God in loving and serving others in little and insignificant ways. There is nothing extraordinary in the way I received my call to the priesthood. It was all a natural process as if everything was planned. The people I encountered, the events that took place all helped me to reach where I wanted to be, or better, where I had to be. Life has not been a bed of roses, sailing was tough at times and still is. But the Lord has been gracious and was there to support me in ways unknown to me at those difficult times. Now when I look back I know that He was there and that gives me the assurance that He will be there throughout and I confidently sing with the psalmist 'The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want.'"

Father Wilfred Pais is a Carmelite priest and is currently studying in Rome.


"Mother Mary, she’s our helper and she’ll listen to everything that we’re saying or praying. If you ask her, she gives you it. And everything I ask her, she helps me and she filled my dream."

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Totus tuus ego sum et omnia mea tua sunt.
Accipio te in mea omnia. Praebe mihi cor tuum, Maria. - St Louis de Montfort

Saint John Paul II took his motto Totus Tuus from this quote.

"I am totally yours and all that I have is yours.
I accept you for my all. O Mary, give me your heart.”

(Published on 3 February 2016)