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Blessed Paul VI's Apostolic Pilgrimage to India

2nd - 5th December 1964

Blessed Pope Paul VI was a pilgrim to India in 1964 for the Eucharist Congress being held in Bombay.

Blessed Pope Paul VI's Address at the Welcome Ceremony
Airport of Bombay, 2nd December 1964 - in English

"Mister Vice President, Mister Prime Minister,
I rejoice in the honour and pleasure of meeting you, I thank you for your great kindness in coming, at the cost of no little sacrifice, to bid me welcome to your land, and I salute you and the members of the Government of India with deference and respect.

Great indeed is my joy in finding myself among the Indian people, on the occasion of an important religious event, the International Eucharistic Congress in Bombay. At last, I can come to know this immense and populous land, and to manifest in person my friendship and admiration to the great and noble people of India, so untiring in its efforts for world peace, so industrious in seeking prosperity in harmony and concord with the other nations of the world.

I come as a pilgrim; a pilgrim of peace, of joy, of serenity and love. I greet all the Indian people, every man, woman and child; and I extend my greeting to all the nations of Asia, to every nation in the world. May they always remember that all men are brothers under the fatherhood of the Divinity; may they learn to love one another, to respect one another, to avoid violating the natural rights of others, may they ever strive to respect these rights in truth, in justice and in love.

For these holy desires, I shall offer my prayers during the days of the Congress; and I invoke upon all of you who hear my voice an abundance of divine blessings. Jai Hind!"